What does a missional life look like? Well this is just a work in progress.

I am a man in relationship and in love with God by grace through faith. This relationship and the relationship with my children and my significant others are my first priorities. I accept my call by Jesus Christ, Lord of the universe, to be both a sign and agent of God's kingdom in the world and will try to balance the mind, body and spirit dimensions of my life in the world around me.

I believe all of us in community as Christ’s Church are the true ministers of the church—ordained by God and gifted by the Holy Spirit for all the ministries required in the retrieval of our neighborhoods and culture. I will seek to affirm physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness. I believe the Church must be liquid, dynamic, flexible, fluid, adaptive, and relevant.

All things belong to God, not to us, and I commitment myself in loving, enthusiastic service to Jesus and his kingdom, together with all my sisters and brothers in Christ. I believe the people of God in church, institution, media, health care, and government, must once again be change agents in the neighborhoods they serve. That applies to me, too. I must show and tell the true Good News of sin, repentance and forgiveness to the hurting, the poor, and the lost, even while I try to understand the real, physical, social, political, and relational context we are in and attempt to make a positive difference in measurable ways.

I will reach out in whatever language or form necessary to build bridges of friendship and care, and in the church, offer a relevant experience of worship and in the community, a relevant expression of mission. I will not impose my own models or expectations across race, class, age, linguistic, physiological, gender, or physical lines, but rather seek to be a servant of all.

Well, that's a start. What do you think?