"All ideas must have passionate advocates behind them."
—Thomas Davenport, Professor, Babson College

Passion is not optional, at least not when you want to do something outrageous like love the world. Do you think the world matters? Well, I do. God loves you and your neighborhood. That's awesome news and exactly why helping transform congregations into missional agents in their own community is mission critical.

How often do churches have to be castigated for being irrelevant before they choose to change?

How often does faith have to be dismissed from the marketplace of ideas or from the conversations at the water cooler before those of faith learn to infuse, not impose, their faith in ethical, real world living?

The true test of relevancy for the church is as its always been; mercy, justice, and love. How will our culture and community realize that God loves it, if we refuse to be passionate about making the Good News visible and relevant? If you believe that Jesus is the Living Water, what kind of containers will you craft to hold it?

The practice of missional transformation can become every congregation's passion. You can learn to use practical tools for contextual, collaborative, faith-based ministry. www.kevinyoho.com is a neat place to get some tools. Every congregation can increase it's capacity for mission with a passion.

Now that I think about it, that "It's all about me!" t-shirt is actually a pretty accurate faith statement. Here's why: the relevancy of your faith experience and it's expression depends on YOU! Sounds an awful lot like something I read somewhere... umm. Nah.*

Build your passion, build your mission. Be an advocate for passionate hope. It’s that important.


*Oh, yeah. Now I remember. Take a look at the book of James; around James 1:27.

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