It takes vision and courage for a leadership team or session to consider a realignment of mission objectives. To achieve a strategic redeployment of property assets for alternative or shared ministry, it requires us to contemplate a different way to respond to God's Spirit in collaborative mission. We know we must change. We just choose not to. Scared? Sure. Hard work? Yes. But to remain the same, expecting different results, well, you know what that indicates, right?

The mission critical moment comes when we, or when our team, or session and congregation choose to change with a sense of hopeful urgency and get courageous. Ready to change is not changing. Changing our actions and behaviors in authentic, humble, and intentional ways is changing.
What new could emerge if our focus as a church was not actually the church, but the community the church is located in? What does a session need to be equipped to re-tune its spiritual radar to see opportunities instead of only obstacles? What would it take for your team to take responsibility for its own future instead of blaming others? It takes courage.
How useful is your church site, buildings and property to help you achieve the unique mission God is sending your congregation out into the world to fulfill? We need congregational transformation, but also property transformation. Instead of feeling stuck with your existing building, or overwhelmed by negative outcomes of deferred maintenance, what might emerge as a blessing if you considered alternative ways of gathering, worshipping, serving, teaching, and transforming by collaborating with an adjacent congregation? 
Got courage?