Greater Things You Will Do! Jesus was nearing the end of his earthly ministry, and the disciples were becoming increasingly anxious. In a world without their Master in his familiar, physical form Jesus assured them, “You will do even Greater Things,” than what you have seen, and if you need anything at all, “Ask me.” Have faith. See John 14:12-14.

Demonstrating Faith The Presbyterians in the northern New Jersey region have demonstrated faith for more than a three centuries. Followers of Jesus moved from Connecticut with a land grant from King George to establish a new church in Newark in 1666. Data from this period testifies to thousands of changed lives, with dozens of new communities of faith sent from our spiritual birthplace, Old First Presbyterian Church in Newark. On June 22, 1870 the Synod of New Jersey established the Presbytery of Newark including the city of Newark with the townships of Woodside, Belleville, Bloomfield, Montclair, Clinton, and Caldwell. Presbyterians, with those of other faiths, worked and fought hard for justice, peace, and freedom ensuring that civic, commercial, and educational institutions flourished.
Newark Presbytery today represents a spiritual lineage of world-changing spiritual vitality in the Reformed tradition. The people who are connected to our places in the community are part of the Vine, and we bear fruit as God brings the increase.
What is your experience of Greater Things? Remember, you are a gift to the world. Let it be opened!



Greater Things You Will Do! Are you in?