Reciprocity Can Energize Thanksgiving

Reciprocity Can Energize Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Every day offers ample evidence of God's abundant blessings! We also realize that many of us, our families, neighbors, and communities face challenges and stresses, especially this time of year. Reciprocity can energize mission.

I hope you utilize your networks of connections that ensure your safety, wellness, and vitality. But not just for you and yours. Remember to pray for, and check-in with, your neighbors. Think of those who have blessed you. Return thanks. Give generously to community projects. Consider additional ways to remind others they are not alone this holiday season.

From time to time, we face adversities of health, finance, relationships, crises, and pain. Across the street, across the nation, and around the world, poverty, injustice, abuse, and persistent oppression affects millions of people. Pay attention to these needs and consider what jobs need to get done that you can address.

I am grateful for the gifts our collective ministries represent that expresses God's abundance. I celebrate the ways we address our communities' challenges and many systemic issues, with hospitality, generosity, worship, witness, and collaborative community work. Thank you!  

Thanksgiving is not about equal giving, but it is about equal sacrifice that cascades together for God's good.

May you experience God's abundance this Thanksgiving!