Choose wisely.

Choose wisely.

Coaching for Congregational Mission Planning Is your church electing new officers? Preparing for a planning retreat? Are you prioritizing leadership energy, programs, and budgets for the year? Have your building costs drained resources away from your mission?

If your answer is a Yes!, then a coaching seminar is for you! NP staff, and other regional leaders, are available to train your congregational teams in effective, annual, mission-building and strategic conversations. Guide your leaders in a process to terminate ineffective programs, improve ongoing strategies, and fast forward creative ideas with less stress and clear faithfulness.

  • Accelerate congregational vitality and community mission impact
  • Focus congregational vision
  • Train leaders in the use of a 6 week strategic planning process including:

    Spiritual Preparation; Mission Field Awareness; Leadership Retreat Process; and Ministry Value Assessment.

Give me a call to explore how these flexible resources can build your capacity for mission, energize your congregation, and bring new life to your community! Choose a different future.