Owl Sight by Russ Crabtree

Owl Sight by Russ Crabtree

Owl Sight: Evidence-Based Discernment and the Promise of Organizational Intelligence for Ministry will inspire and equip you to pay attention to what matters most to accomplish your mission.

Pastor, you are an incredible gift to the Church. Regional church leader, there is no doubt of your commitment to serve congregations. Whatever your denominational tribe or role, serving large or small membership congregations, if you lack energy and satisfaction in your mission, stop and think. You are not a victim to your past experiences but a participant in God’s preferred and emerging future!

Russ Crabtree’s book, Owl Sight, is the essential field guide for mission that matters. I urge you to read it.

I have worked with hundreds of congregations and their leadership teams. Every leader wants their congregation to grow. Leaders search for satisfaction in ministry. They want to be energized for mission. I meet with church leaders and ask this simple question: Please share with me the unique mission tasks God has called your congregation to achieve? I hear good news, and bad news in the conversations:

The good news is that great mission tasks emerge. The bad news is that great mission tasks emerge.

Every individual has their own idea of what their mission is, or should be. Mission confusion results in mission impairment which takes a tragic toll on energy and joy, and undermines the ministry to the neighbors a congregation seeks to bless. Owl Sight is filled with compelling examples of congregational snapshots that help you integrate the tools of reliable evidence-based decision-making and authentic symbolic narratives to lead effectively, energetically, and increase your sense of mission satisfaction.

Regional and local leaders often exhibit symptoms of a mission conundrum: Saying Yes to effective (and good) mission activities, but lacking the insight to courageously say No to distracting (and often equally good) mission alternatives. What leadership teams require is reliable and authentic organizational intelligence. *Owl Sight* gives you the right tools to provide the organizational intelligence you need. Learn to identify the root causes of impaired mission achievement and gain insight to choose a more effective way forward.

An equally effective conference keynote speaker and author, Russ Crabtree’s unique contributions to organizational intelligence continues to be essential in my regional work. I immediately ordered a dozen copies of Owl Sight for my key leaders to read. I believe that by integrating Russ Crabtree’s strategic principles and succinct guidance in this field guide can transform the outcomes of our churches’ missions. In my view, the only improvement to this excellent book will be finding Owl Sight available for the iPad in the iBooks and Kindle stores. Until then, a PDF version is available.

Pastor and regional leader, pay attention to organizational intelligence that will improve your mission effectiveness. Owl Sight: Evidence-Based Discernment and the Promise of Organizational Intelligence for Ministry shows you the way.

*Owl Sight* is a “must-read” for organizational leaders. It will inspire and equip you to accomplish your mission.