Welcome to Reciprocal Revolution.

I envision worship, witness, and mission that can surprise, delight, and love the world in the name of Jesus Christ. How about you? Welcome to the ReciprocalRevo website!

When is the last time your church surprised or delighted anyone? Most readily preach John 3:16's, For God so loved the world but act like the text says, For God so loved the church!

Tell me about a time when your church surprised or delighted anyone.

What would happen if your church (or volunteer organization or team) stopped acting to protect, preserve, and promote itself? The institutional church has been doing its thing for hundreds of years. In northern New Jersey, our oldest church was established in 1666. Part of the trouble is we keep doing the same things over and over again. Not surprisingly, our impact on the community has been persistently diminished.

Reciprocal Revolution is not a website conversation about just any revolution. Its about a revolutionary lifestyle of reciprocity becoming evident in our communities when people, individually and in groups, take responsibility for benefiting the entire community, not just themselves. Reciprocity is the currency for surprising, delighting, and loving the world.

This website welcomes conversation about disruption and is designed to be an access point for provocative and revolutionary ideas that can change the world. If you have any comments, criticisms, or compliments, please share them. Don’t agree? Have examples of when our ideas fall short or when our models don’t fit? Learning won’t occur if you keep it to yourself. If you have suggestions or comments along the way, please let me know. Your ideas would be a great gift to everyone.

I want to do a better job of loving the world. I’m confident that we all can do better. Reciprocal Revolution is not designed to preserve the church, but to provoke it to pay better attention to the Spirit, love the World, and follow God’s lead.

Thank you for your contributions to this site. You are a gift to me, and to the whole world.